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School Walk 2020

Image via Ms. Farrar

By Katherine Cortese ’21

On October 7th, all students and faculty participated in our Annual All School Walk-in Steep Rock Preserve. The school walk has been a tradition for years, originating when our founder, Frederick Gunn, arranged 40 mile treks to Milford and back in 1850. Now, it is an 8 mile hike in Steep Rock where students take time to meet each other and enjoy nature. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many events and traditions were adjusted or canceled this year, however, the School Walk tradition stood strong, and all students and faculty participated as usual.

Grace Kaoud ‘24 participated in the School Walk for her first time this year. When asked for her opinion on the event, she said, “The school walk was a lot of physical work, but I had lots of fun! I had never been on that trail before but it was just as cool as I expected.” 

One of the most important features of our school walk even has always been meeting new people and making friends. Though it was difficult to do this within a limited group, Grace talked to some new fellow classmates during her walk. When asked how socializing went, she said, “In the beginning, I hung out with Charlotte and got to know her better, then for most of the time I hung out with Erin Whitney and got to know her better too.” Grace seemed to enjoy the school walk event. “Even though I was pretty sore after the school walk, I’m excited to do it again next year!” she said. 

The Frederick Gunn School annual School Walk event has been an ongoing tradition for many years. The close community found ways to make it a special day even in the midst of this pandemic. 

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