Keeping up with the 2 New P’s 

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By Caroline March ’24

This year at the Frederick Gunn school we have many new faculty members. I got lucky enough to have two of them as teachers in my newspaper class, Ms. Petrillo and Ms. Peluchiwski. I took the chance to interview them and got to know them as people, instead of teachers. Here are some things I learned.
First, I interviewed Ms. Petrillo. Ms. Petrillo is from Orange, Connecticut and attended Trinity College. There, she rowed and studied education and english. Ms. Petrillo likes chocolate with mini rainbow m&ms on top with oreos, and loves a good iced latte from starbucks with almond milk. She enjoys country music, especially Luke Combs. She lives in Teddy house and does dorm duty in Browne. She loves grocery shopping and the latest taylor swift documentary, and if Ms. Pertillo had one day left to live, she would go on a last Starbucks run to get an iced almond milk latte.
Secondly, I interviewed Ms. Peluchiwski. She is from Chicago and went to Notre Dame for college, where she is a part of the liberal studies program, while also studying film television and theater, as well as business economics. She likes black tea with a splash of almond milk and is not a morning person, but with being a teacher, she doesn’t really have the option. She lives in Van Sinderen and has recently been watching Game of Thrones. The coolest place she’s visited was South Africa this summer. She loves sailing at her lake house in Michigan, and hanging out with family and friends. She’ll coach skiing this winter and softball this spring so be sure to say hi when you see her around.
These interviews showed me how grateful I am to connect with my teachers in this way. Not only do they provide me with an education but also as mentors who are also people with interesting lives.

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