Bobby’s Beats – A guide to your Summer Playlist

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By Bobby Liberatos ’24

The weather is brightening and good spirits are returning. Even if you don’t like summer you can’t resist getting caught up in the uplifting moods of the season. This is my curated playlist for the spring and summer called “Bobby Beats”. It’s going to have you on Spotify throughout the season. I included a big variety on this so you’ll be satisfied no matter who you are or what your music taste is.

Dark Horse – Katy Perry: This is a total jam that will get you hyped whether it’s a sports game or any event. 

Mo Money Mo Problems – BIG: This is an OG rap song that literally sounds like summer in my opinion. RIP BIG.

Pushin P – Gunna: The P can still extend into summer. It’s timeless.

Celebration – Kool and the Gang – : This is an ancient song but it’s so timeless. Try not to get happy when listening to this.

Sorry – Justin Bieber: This was my jam back in 2016. Not ashamed to admit it and it’s still nostalgic.

Bubbly – Young Thug : Trap anthem. Gets the blood pressure going. 3 legends on the track.

Red – Taylor Swift: Many people are Taylor Swift fans so in order to appease them. I put in the definitive Swift song.

California Girls – Katy Perry – : Very old but this song screams summer.

Sacrifice – The Weeknd: The Weeknd latest album was amazing so I had to put in the best song on the album.

In Da Club – 50 Cent:  Everyone knows this song after the Super Bowl but it deserves the attention. Who wasn’t surprised by 50 Cent hanging from the ceiling.

Die Young – Kesha: Perfect pop song.

Lift Off – Kanye West and Jay-Z : Lifts you up. If Jay-Z and Kanye make Watch the Throne 2 it will be the album of the summer. Beyonce pours her heart into the hook and it’s great. Puts you into outer space

Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO: Close out the playlist on a high note. Perfect for getting ready to tackle whatever you’re going out to do. Good luck but with this playlist I don’t think you’ll need it.

What do I think will be the album/artist of the summer? I dream of seeing Watch the Throne 2 as was hinted at on Donda, but it probably won’t happen. Kendrick Lamar will probably have a big album drop and Jack Harlow has been getting a lot of hype so watch out for him in May. Unfortunately, Cardi B’s To be Announced album will likely dominate. That’s my thinking as of now, but you never know and someone; either a rapper (like Gunna did earlier this year) or a pop artist everyone’s been sleeping on could own the summer. We’ll see. 

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