Student Outdoor Cultures

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By Jay Lee’24

During the time after dinner, students have free time until study hall. They often want to find something fun to do during this time to help them relax and unwind after a long day of classes and sports. They can start homework due the next day, participate in club activities, or nap in their room. But for those who want to do some fun activities with their friends, there is another option: they head outside for some fun student activities! 

These activities differ depending on the season. In the fall, when the weather is warm and nice, students make their way down to the turf to play soccer, baseball, or football with their friends. While playing sports, they enjoy the beautiful sunsets and one of the best views on campus. When it becomes winter, students choose an alternative activity rather than sports: sledding at Marich Hill, since it is tough to play sports outside because the field is covered with snow. Along with sledding, students have snowball fights to enjoy the winter wonderland to the fullest. They bring their own sleds or snowball makers to enjoy the beautiful snowfall fully. Spring is the season of freedom; they can play anything, from baseball, tennis, frisbee, soccer, football, lacrosse, etc. The turf is filled with excitement as classes end and exams pass. 

But students not only play sports. Sometimes, they play a gigantic game of manhunt!  This is one of the best activities held at the school. Even if one doesn’t know anyone going, everyone runs around the turf in the dark with great excitement, and the energy is contagious. Last spring, students made big teams for the water gun war. After school, they collected water guns and water balloons for the gigantic fight.

One student says, “When I am on the turf, I love to hang out with people I do not know and play soccer or spikeball. It is a perfect place to make new friends!” Grade does not matter. Gender does not matter. Whether they are boarding students or day students, it does not matter. Do you want to make new friends while having fun outside and enjoying nature? Join outdoor student activities after dinner!

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