Pep Rally 2023: Beat Canterbury

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By Ryan Ryu’25

Once a year, an extraordinary day unfolds. It’s the one day of the year when the entire student body and faculty gather in the lower gym to symbolize our unwavering school pride. This momentous occasion is none other than the eagerly awaited Pep Rally, and this year, it commenced at the forefront of Spirit Week on Monday, November 6th. What sets Gunn’s Pep Rally apart is its remarkable ability to electrify the Highlanders, propelling them toward what is arguably the most intense athletic arena of the year: Canterbury Day. 

The commencement of this year’s Pep Rally was marked by the grand entrance of our varsity athletes, who stormed into the lower gym amidst the resounding applause of faculty members and non-fall-varsity athletes, eagerly filling the bleachers. 

However, Pep Rally 2023 was in a league of its own, distinct from its predecessors because of an unexpected and unforgettable highlight—an electrifying WWE stunt performance. Tucker Mears, taking on the role of the fearless Highlander, and Ace Watson, embodying the valiant Canterbury Saint, brought the gym to life with their heart-pounding spectacle. Adding to the excitement were none other than Mr. McMann and Mr. Milano. 

It was Mr. Milano, a former Canterbury faculty now Gunn legend, who conceived this extraordinary stunt, ensuring that this year’s Pep Rally would be etched into the memories of all who witnessed it. Both students and faculty members unanimously agree that this Pep Rally was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most captivating and entertaining one to date. 

Following the exhilarating display in the lower gym, students and faculty made their way to the football practice field, where the eagerly anticipated bonfire awaited them. Gathered around the flickering flames, a cherished Gunn tradition, the chilly November breeze transformed into a warm and inviting atmosphere. Students seized the opportunity to capture this enduring memory with their friends, snapping pictures and engaging in heartwarming conversations. 

Drew Delouchry, a student from the class of 2025, shared his experience of this year’s Pep Rally and bonfire: “It was an absolute blast. I walked in with the boys’ soccer team and thoroughly enjoyed the skit performed by Ace and Tucker. The bonfire with my friends was a ton of fun. It was an incredible experience—one I’ll cherish as a lasting memory, leaving me pumped up to take on Canterbury this weekend and secure the win.”

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