College Application Process

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By Jay Lee’24

College is the next step for students after high school, so students start preparing for this. Before sending in an application, students are tasked with many materials to prepare. It is a long journey from junior year to senior year, but Gunn students are well supported. For this journey, the College Counseling office at The Frederick Gunn School is ready to guide juniors and seniors. 

When students enter their junior year, they receive an email from the College Counseling Office from their counselor: Director Kate McMann, Mr. Sheikh, Mr. Low, or Mrs. Gorman. The email contains the basic application process information for students to reference throughout the journey. Through individual meetings and essay workshops, they begin thinking about their interests and what sort of content they want to include in their personnel statement. Until the end of their junior year, they need to talk with teachers about the teacher recommendation letters, which are one of the most essential parts of their application. The students also start to register and take standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. 

Senior year is the peak of the college process. During summer break, students work on their Common App essay and finalize their list of schools. Additionally, they attend many college tours to understand the school cultures better. When the senior year begins, they dive more deeply into their applications with individual meetings and essay workshops. If students apply for an EA decision (Early Admission), they face a more condensed timeline to complete their application. However, the College Counseling Office frequently operates essay workshops and meetings so students can prepare quickly. After the students check their Common App’s information section, personal statement, and supplemental materials with their college counselors, they are all set to submit their applications. 

The college process is a physically and mentally exhausting period. To those readers in the junior class who have just started your journey, remember to stay calm and prepare step-by-step with the College Counseling office. And to Gunn seniors who are all almost done, great job! The hard work paid off, and hard work always does. Best of luck with the application results!

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