Class Trips 2023

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By Mairin Hoffman ’25

On Monday, September 26, each grade at the Frederick Gunn School went on their class trip to various adventure parks in the area. The Class Trips is a tradition started years ago school year and allows students to get to know each other in the challenging yet fun environment of a ropes course. The day consisted of ziplines, climbing, and fun activities that beneficially tested students’ strength and trust. Although the day had a forecast of rain, this did not stop the Highlanders from eagerly embarking on these adventures with a positive attitude. 

The freshman and senior classes traveled to Boundless Adventures in Harrison, New York, about an hour’s bus ride from campus. Although the weather was gloomy, senior, Peter Murphy, had positive things to say about the trip: “It was an interesting trip because the entire time, our class thought that we were going to go to a trampoline park or laser tag because of the rain, but instead, we stuck with our original plan and actually had a good time despite the weather.”

The sophomore class made a trip to Catamount Mountain, which has a full ropes course in the woods, away from the ski slopes. Catamount Mountain is located in Egremont, Massachusetts, about an hour and ten minutes from Washington. Martha Ewing ‘26 also had positive remarks about the trip, as she said enthusiastically, “Although it was rainy and cold, we all managed to have a good time, and some managed to conquer their fear of heights.”

The junior class’ day didn’t go as planned, but it was a fun day of basketball competition nonetheless. The class’ bus ride to Storrs Adventure Park was interrupted when the bus was sideswiped and made a speedy trip back to campus. The Highlanders did not give up as the three class representatives quickly organized a basketball competition with prizes. Domino pizza was also provided for students. In the end, the winning team was given Po gift cards. Class Representative Kate Richards ‘25 was enthusiastic about the basketball tournament, “I think our class had a fun time participating and showed up for each other even through unfortunate circumstances.”

Although the day seemed full of poor weather, the Highlanders persevered and made the best out of their trips. The next major off campus event, Mountain Day, will allow students to come together, get to know each other in a different way, and immerse themselves in the world surrounding The Frederick Gunn School.. This tradition is one that will be passed on and enjoyed by students soon to come.

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