Introducing Our New Prefects ‘23-’24

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By Jay Lee ’24

The Prefects are the most influential student leaders in our community. As part of the highest leadership role in the FGS community, they organize and run weekly school meetings, and productively liaison comments, concerns, and questions between the school administration and students. Prefects also thoughtfully serve on Disciplinary Committees. They are the model citizens for the community and represent the student population effectively under the school’s mission, core values, and the values and beliefs of Mr. Gunn. They will be the leaders whom students meet with most often.

Here is our Prefect group 23-24: Bea Flynn (Head Prefect), Erin Whitney, Taylor Brown, Anna Dámosy, Layla Copen, Eung Jay Lee, Alejandro Zafra, and Ty Novenstein. They work with the Prefect advisors; Mrs. Gum, Mr. Fladager, and Dr. Konik, who all advise the Prefects about their work and help them to become true leaders in our community. 

Last winter, more than twenty rising seniors applied for the Prefect position. They started with writing resumes and school handbook reflections. And, most importantly, they prepared for the Prefect speech and Q&A in front of the whole school. Finally, after voting by students and faculty, the final new eight Prefects were announced. The eight Prefect-elects and the Prefect ‘22-’23 went on a Prefect retreat for leadership training to learn how to become great leaders for the FGS community.

“I am so very excited to give back to this loving community that has given so much to me over these past two years,” said one of our new prefects Ty Novenstein. Another Prefect Taylor Brown also emphasized that his decision to become a Prefect was from his thankfulness to our community.  “I cannot wait to continue to help and grow the community that has helped me mature not only in my time here but my entire life.” If you want to know more about our new Prefects, check out the“Meet Our Prefects” board between the Dining Hall stairs and the Gunn mail room!

Prefect 23-24(from left to right): Erin Whitney, Taylor Brown, Anna Dámosy, Layla Copen, Mrs. Gum(Head of the school), Bea Flynn(Head Prefect), Eung Jay Lee, Alejandro Zafra, Ty Novenstein

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