The New Library Reading Room

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By Peter Murphy ’24

The 2023-2024 school season has officially begun! And with this in mind, new places have been renovated on campus. In our school’s wonderful library, the infamous classroom for Citizenship and Just Democracy will be moved to the new Lizzie Science Building in January. Over the summer, the CJD room has been replaced with a new luxuriant and calm space. Highlanders now have a place to rest, get some coffee and tea, or have some fruit or granola bars to ease their minds from the academic day. This new space is officially called The Library Lounge. Students at Gunn can now be seen doing excessive amounts of homework or sleeping from being exhausted from all the work they have to catch up on. Students can also use this space to do homework and hang out with friends! The Highlander Newspaper decided to interview the Head Librarian at the Frederick Gunn School, Mrs. Conlan, to ask about the new space and what it has to offer to campus. “I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be really good for everything from club meetings to reading groups, and even for faculty members groups to have meetings”! Trey LaMay ‘25, also talked enthusiastically about the room, “I think it’s a great space for studying and collaborating, but it could use some hot chocolate.” The new space is undoubtedly a big win for The Frederick Gunn School and its facilities because when it comes to places to take a break, this space is most definitely the place to go to. 

Photo credit Peter Murphy ’24

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