Which Frederick Gunn Tennis Courts Are Better?

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By Peter Murphy ’24

The Frederick Gunn School has many great facilities to offer to its students, from its great basketball courts to its historic Linen Rink. Located at the hub of the Frederick Gunn athletics scene, there is a space where the Gunn Tennis teams play to compete and have fun. This is the space of the eight tennis courts. Four of these Courts are Har-Tru courts, and the other four are regular hard courts. While the hard courts give students a regular playing experience, the Har-Tru courts give players more of a variety of how they want to play. Both spaces allow players to train and play for the Frederick Gunn School, but both courts can have flaws. The Hard Courts are open year-round for players to use and are regulated NEPSAC courts. On the other hand, Har-Tru courts for our school are part-owned by the Washington club down the street, so Washington, Connecticut residents can enjoy some tennis on Har-Tru courts. 

These courts are only open in the spring and summer and close in the fall and winter. Another problem that these Har-Tru courts face is getting them done in the spring on time for the Tennis Season. Most teams at the school must practice with four courts instead of the normal eight, which can be very frustrating to people. 

The Highlander Newspaper decided to ask JV tennis star Matis Molina Ricard which courts he preferred, in which he responded, “I grew up playing tennis on the Har-Tru courts and have enjoyed playing on them, but they always damage my shoes and get dirty. I enjoy the hardcourts more because they are faster and are around year long.” We also got an opinion from Varsity player Hezekiah Benson on which courts he would prefer saying, “I usually am a hardcourt guy, but when I am here at school, I play better on the Har-Tru courts, so I would much more prefer the Har-Tru courts.” In conclusion, both courts have pros and cons, and their prospective players have opinions on them.

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