Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

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By Paige Jackson ’24

Taylor Swift released the dates for a brand new tour on November 1st, 2022. Fans went crazy, attacking the TicketMaster presale. Tickets were bought and resold for thousands of dollars, making tickets unattainable for many fans. 

The first show was in mid-March in Glendale Arizona. The tour ends in August in California. She’s hitting Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Washington, and California. Ten days after the original drop, she added 17 more shows. No new states, but more dates in each location. While so far it seems this entire tour will be in the US, hopefully, she will travel abroad for her foreign fans soon. 

She will be performing an unknown mix of her albums, likely focusing on the music she has not toured individually yet. Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights are the only albums in her discography yet to be toured, and fans are speculating which one will be the highlight of the show. The anticipation is unbearable for many. 

 The internet was flooding with thousands and thousands of posts of people complaining that they were unable to get tickets because there were so few and those that were left were unaffordable for most. In response to this, Taylor did her best to add more shows to lower prices and increase fans chances of acquiring tickets.

At her first concert, Taylor performed over 40 songs, causing the event to last well over three hours. Fans were astounded by her stamina, as well as her impressive outfits and stage sets. We look forward to seeing what she has in store for the remainder of the tour.

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