Spring is Here!

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By Megan Sladish and Sloane Walsh ’25

As many of you already know, spring is here! The first day of spring began on March 20th, and lately, it is starting to look and feel like it, with the rain enhancing this spring weather! The campus was electric as students and faculty returned to school from break. So many people were outside, enjoying the weather and the social aspect. People were hanging out with their friends, playing sports, and being active. It is so good to finally return to campus and finish the school year off strong. The first weekend back, many kids were having fun on the turf. Students were hanging out listening to music, participating in a pick-up soccer game with Mr. Sovero, or practicing their skills for their spring sport. Lots of lacrosse sticks and baseballs were spotted over the weekend. 

As the spring trimester progresses, students can participate in many fun activities on campus. Although the weather has fluctuated throughout the first week back, kids are still getting excited for the sunny warm weather to come. Considering that it gets pretty warm by the end of the spring and into summer, many activities will be held outside all over campus. Many students go across 47 to play tennis with their friends or watch some games on the turf and underhill throughout the week. Going to games is a great way to have fun cheering on our teams while getting fresh air and sun.

On the weekends, the weekend activities schedule made by a group of teachers comes up with some trips off campus and fun activities on campus. There is a weekly Firepit Friday where students can have fun singing karaoke and eating s’mores. This group of teachers also organizes hikes in Steeprock and tennis tournaments on the tennis courts. Teachers also host some trips off campus, like fast food runs and trips to the mall. Over the past weekends, the teachers ordered Domino’s pizza for students on the dining hall terrace. Many kids came out for pizza and socializing and had a great time. Even though the weather is getting nicer and people are starting to get outside more, we still need to do great things in both the classroom and our co-curricular activities. Let’s end the last two months of school with a bang!

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