Prepping For Prom

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By Caroline Marich and Paige Jackson ’24

Highlander News is foreseeing a shift in prom trends from last spring to this spring regarding color, length, and style. At Gunn’s 2021-2022 prom, there was a theme of shorter, simpler dresses with less formality. This year, we expect to see an uptake of longer, more summery, extravagant prom dresses. 

Pinterest has sparked teenagers’ interest in these unique dresses, breaking away from the classic, mainstream prom dresses. Students are looking for preppy, pastel, and patterned with more variety in fabric and texture. Tiered dresses are coming into style, commonly made with layering fabrics like tulle or lace. Pink is a definite recurring theme, but light blues, greens, and purples, and maybe even some yellows are being tossed in the mix as well. Sparkles, sequins, and designs are also beloved for the fun complexity they add to the dress. This likely means a decline in more simple dresses. 

We see a variety of necklines, but trends seem to be shying away from the deeper v-necks, as they often require a mesh piece for coverage and stability. This is becoming more outdated, and some even consider it tacky, so shoppers are leaning towards more practical necklines. Square, gentle scoop, and sweetheart necklines are making a comeback. Strapless and sleeveless dresses are here to stay for their appropriate temperature, practicality, and cuteness. As for shape, there is still a wide variety of shapes: ballgown, mermaid, and other more obscure styles. Most shoppers seem to be disregarding trends regarding shape and instead choosing what works best for their body type and what they personally feel the most comfortable in. (We love to see it!!!) 

As for shoes, many teens have completely abandoned the heels bandwagon and are resorting to sneakers for comfort. Those wearing heels usually lead towards simpler heels, as they are not usually visible, and if they are, a more flamboyant shoe might take away from the excitement of the dress. For those who choose heels, be warned of the pain that will ensue shortly after the night begins, and perhaps bring a bag large enough to hold your soon-to-be discarded shoes. 

At the end of the day, however, if the prom dresses that are currently in style are not what you love, forget about them. Wear whatever makes you feel the most confident and happy!

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