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By Thomas Vo ’25

We should all have a love for the Frederick Gunn School. FGS is a lovely campus situated on the steep hill of Washington, Connecticut. The school is surrounded by hard-working, athletic, and intelligent students from all over the globe. Having their own time for self-study, students are provided with opportunities for self-improvement and prepared for success. 

From early morning, students are permitted to leave the dormitory for any athletic activities or exercises at around 5:50. Soon after, at 7, hot breakfast is prepared to energize them to be ready for school. Morning classes begin at a flexible time so students can maintain their best self for the remainder of the day. A variety of exciting educational courses are offered to all students because FGS promotes knowledge. The school allows students to have flex blocks in order for them to appreciate self-study. At noon, the students enjoy lunch at the dining hall with one of the best views in town. Then, there are only a few classes left until their favorite time of the day – the co-curricular. Sports also come in different teams for all levels. After a long day, students usually gather at the library or TPACC for group work or artistic creations. There are study hall hours so students can concentrate more on their individual school work without worrying about distractions. The weekends are the most interesting time of the week since students are able to participate in many activities as the school lets buses take them to shopping malls and restaurants. 

In short, the Frederick Gunn School is a perfect campus for individuals who seek inclusiveness and excitement. Although the weather throughout the year can sometimes be as bad as you can imagine, everything about the school is fantastic.

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