Hattie: The New Varsity Field Hockey Team Captain

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By Megan Sladish ’25

In the fall of 2022, the girl’s varsity field hockey team made a great run and had an overall phenomenal season. The team won the majority of their games throughout the season as well as making it into the NEPSAC playoffs securing the number six seed. The team was coached by head coach Ms. LeBlanc and assistant coach Ms. Paulekas. The team, on the other hand, was ultimately led by senior captain Maya Sellinger, and as of now, with Maya graduating, the team is in dire need of a new captain for the upcoming 2023 season.  

With the whole team looking around for who might step up and take charge, the only pick that comes to mind most is Hattie. She is one that is always ready to go and will pick up the energy when she is needed to. Captain Maya Sellinger even states, “Hattie’s presence on the field is unlike no other. Her best skill on the field is protecting the ball and keeping it away from the other team. There’s no one else who I’d rather have to take my place. She’s got the leadership skills of a true captain. The team is truly in great hands!” Maya is definitely stoked about Hattie being the number-one choice for captain in the upcoming season and believes that Hattie will follow in her footsteps, leading the team to many victories.

Maya is not the only one with something to say about Hattie’s fantastic personality and skill on the team. Bea Flynn, an upcoming senior and role model for the girls, is also thrilled to have Hattie lead the team. Bea states, “Hattie will be a wonderful team captain next year. She specializes in chasing the ball making the players have to run twice as fast. Hattie is also a great sub-in defender and goalie. When she barks at random leaves it’s like she is singing! Hattie will bring fun and excitement to every practice!” As you are starting to see, there is a common theme when Hattie is talked about as the incoming team captain. Everybody surely loves her!

Most of you are likely wondering what the coaches think about Hattie being the next team captain. Well, I assure you that they both love the idea and couldn’t think of a better person for the job. Assistant coach Ms. Paulekas states, “I am so excited to see Hattie lead the team in the coming year. With double the number of legs, she is a huge asset in the net! It took time to adjust the equipment to meet field hockey regulations, but we are excited to see her in action and hear her bark orders from the back line. Some might say it’s nepotism making her captain given that she is the head coach’s dog, but she truly is the best for the role.” Paulekas is enthralled by Hattie leading the team and is excited to see what the upcoming season holds 

Now for the head coach. You all must be wondering, why would the head coach’s dog be picked for team captain and is it ultimately fair? The answer is yes! Everyone has agreed on the team that Hattie will be the best team captain to follow in Maya’s footsteps. The coaches just put the icing on the cake. Head Coach Leblanc, and the Mom of Hattie, says, “Hattie is one of the most coachable players I have ever worked with. While she is still learning the importance of moving the ball to other players, her non-stop intensity is an asset. She is one of the most vocal members of the team, always ensuring her presence is known. It brings me great joy to see her development over the past season and can’t wait to see her in this leadership position.” 

As a community, we are all excited to see the changes that Hattie will make as well as to see her grow and lead the team. This opportunity for her is one that she will cherish for a very long time. It is everyone’s job on the team to push her to be the best she can be, both on the field and as a captain. In the end, Hattie spoke with head coach Ms. Leblanc and convinced her to change the team name to Hattie’s Girls! 

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