Gunn for Gun Safety

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By Sloane Walsh ’25

Before Spring break, students from the junior class announced the start of a new club on campus called Gunn for Gun Safety. Run by Gordon Bennet, Paige Jackson, and Layla Copen, the club seeks to be a place for students to discuss gun safety in a safe environment. The leaders warn that these conversations can be sensitive for students to hear about but welcome everyone into the discussion of gun safety. Gunn for Gun Safety hopes to meet multiple times during the spring trimester to keep students updated on shootings around the country while bringing awareness to the impact of gun violence. 

“I was inspired to start GGS after giving my junior speech on my experience living in Newtown. Growing up and attending school there was traumatic in a way that is difficult to explain, and after giving my speech, I realized how little our student body knew about gun violence. So many people in Newtown, including myself, lost loved ones at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, yet people outside of our community were entirely unexposed to the horrors of that event,” says Paige Jackson, ‘24, one of the leaders of GGS. “This leadership opportunity is everything to me. I want to inspire our community to fight as Newtown does for gun law reform and spread sensitivity for survivors and their families. The idea that so many Americans don’t care about or understand the depth of gun violence breaks my heart, and truly worries me for the future of our country.” 

Gordon Bennett, ‘24, another leader of GGS, spoke about what inspired him to start this club. “10 years ago, I was a first grader doing normal first grader things. My life was so drastically changed in the span of 30 minutes by a mentally unwell young adult with an assault rifle. Layla Paige and I started Gunn for Gun Safety so all the first graders and everyone else out there can go to school and be kids. Our goal is to spread awareness, information, and support as best as we possibly can. We stand with all of those who have also had their lives changed and all of those willing to help. We can’t change the past, but we can impact the future, so here’s to and for change so this doesn’t ever happen again.” 

Gordon, Layla, and Paige are all ambitious to get this club up and running. The three aim to create a space to help educate students on recent shootings, find ways to involve themselves in the fight for a safer future, and teach empathy through sharing stories. Paige notes that this club will be a safe space and support group for students struggling due to gun violence. In addition, this club will be a great addition to the FGS campus and help students learn more about gun violence outside of the classroom in a supportive and friendly manner.

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