Frederick Gunn Dorm Challenge Music Video: History And Analysis

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By Peter Murphy ’24

During a school meeting on Monday, the prefects dug up ancient history. On the big screen in the Tisch Auditorium students saw an old dorm challenge music video compilation from different students and from very different times. In the videos, we saw old students lip-syncing to Katy Perry’s Firework, and doing strange and funny dances to earn points for the house cup. Now, the wonderful prefects of today’s time are calling up all Frederick Gunn students to make dorm music videos to spur up school spirit and have fun while doing it. Here at the Highlander News Network, we saw a lot of what the school’s past-time students were like and how much work they put into these videos by looking at the old videos on youtube. Because of this, we decided to dive further into this past phenomenon of a dorm challenge, by interviewing Gunn alumni and teacher Ms. Rimany. Said Ms. Rimany, “It was the best dorm challenge of the year and the one everyone looked forward to. It had to be postponed because of how inappropriate it was getting though, but it was one of my best memories as a student here.” The culture at the school, as we identified, was a lot different than today, with less politically correct lyrics, and with a massively different campus, as seen in the students in one of the videos that went around campus. It is truly amazing seeing what the beginning of the internet was like, and how students decided to have fun with it. Now we wait and see what things students are willing to do and how creative they can get to win points for the house cup!

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