FGS Chamber Concert

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By Thomas Vo ’23

The school’s musical department, consisting of many talented students, performed a concert on Sunday, April 30th. They used a wide variety of instruments with vast themes, covering classical music to modern artists, such as Adele. 

What were the factors that contributed to these exceptional performances? Around 7 PM, many people formed a crowd in front of TPACC auditorium doorways, capturing an exciting atmosphere prior to the start of the concert. The school bands have also been working since the early days of the freezing winter to finally assemble this concert for all to come and enjoy. 

The concert began with sweet melodies from familiar songs that have been in the favor of the community for a long time.  Then it grasped the audience’s attention by delivering solos from many different instruments 

One of the most outstanding parts of the concert must have been the drum solo from the movie Whiplash, as the drummer skillfully demonstrated almost precisely what was done in the film. “Whiplash” – a movie featuring a college drummer as he tries to earn the spot for the best drummer for his band.  

Last but not least, the audience in the auditorium played a big role in the success of the concert. The seats were entirely filled with people. Without them, the atmosphere would not be as exciting as it was.

 In short, “A Chamber Concert was an amazing accomplishment for the music department and a satisfying experience for the people who participated in it.

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