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By Caroline Marich ’24

As many of you may know, there was a huge rager this weekend in the DH… our semi-formal dance! People had a great time, smiling, dancing, and taking pictures.he vibes were immaculate. The prefects had to change up some things last minute to make the evening as unforgettable as possible, and they sure did, especially with Maeren Hay tearing up the dance floor! 

Positive feedback was all around at brunch the following day as friend groups gathered to discuss the previous evening’s activities. I spoke with three peers, Bea Flynn, Bella Schifano, and Tj Addonizio, who were seen rocking their fantastic dance moves on the floor last weekend, asking them for a two  sentence summary of their nights. The feedback was all positive. Bella said, “That was actually the best dance I’ve ever been to in my high school career. It was so well put together with the perfect amount of space and everyone came and brought their best self and spirits.” Bea said, “I had a great time seeing everyone there and taking pictures and getting ready with all of her friends.” She added, “The music was great and it was good to see everyone dressed in their best.” Tj also agreed and said he had a blast. “It was a movie”.

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