Trends: Uggs 

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By Caroline Marich ’24

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the fashionable, high-quality, and cute ugg boots that are taking the fashion industry and the Frederick Gunn School by storm. Obviously, UGG is one of the biggest brands of this year, with the slippers, short medium, and tall heights they have taken over. Whether it is brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner you can always catch at least a few students sporting their trendy Uggs. 

Popular influencers have been convincing people to buy these shoes, but it’s not a huge surprise that these shoes are not vegan or cruelty-free. There are many options if you’re looking for a vegan alternative for the Ugg boots. PAWJ is a brand that takes pride in its variety with different styles and different colors. Their shoes are made from faux fur and suede which is different from the regular UGG of sheepskin and wool, which doesn’t align with the vegan cruelty-free lifestyle. We as students should be aware of the brands we use and how it affects our world as active citizens. 

Bearpaw is another vegan alternative to the UGG boots and slippers, they have a more variety of options for slippers, and lengths of boots if you’re looking for that. The third option for vegan ugg alternatives is the brand Zette. They use vegan cruelty-free faux fur wool that will keep your feet nice and are warm while protecting our earth and animals. 

Although a little different, it’s good to support brands that support the well-being of our world and our animals. As the active citizens we are taught to be here at the Frederick Gunn School, it’s important we support brands that send positive messages and vibes out in the world, making adjustments to our lifestyles can be helpful to support the well-being of our earth!  So we can all do our part and make a difference and positive impact on this planet by shopping cruelty free!

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