February CANTerbury Wins!

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    By Megan Sladish ‘25

So far in the month of February, many teams have played Canterbury to finish out the winter sports season. Boys Varsity Hockey has been a strong contributor to our winter teams, beating Canterbury twice in their home and away games. Girls Varsity Basketball, as well as Boys JV and Varsity Basketball, are staying steady with a record of 1-1 against Canterbury. Even Girls Varsity Hockey has been working hard for Canterbury points, winning one game and tying the other. Although still behind in Canterbury points 14.5 – 11.5, our teams are determined to keep going and win some games!

To start the month of February, the Girls Varsity Basketball team took on Canterbury head-to-head at Gunn’s home court on Wednesday, the 1st. This was the girls’ second game against Canterbury, with their very competitive game played away. Although the girls lost their first match against Canterbury earlier in the season, falling short by just 1 point, they were ready for their rematch. The game started at 3:30 pm in the Upper Gym and was extremely competitive until Canterbury began to fall off. The girls kept going, outworking them, and in the end, they snagged a huge Canterbury point, winning 51-28. 

The next Canterbury win of the month was over a week later, on Friday, February 10th. The JV Boys Basketball team took on Canterbury on Canterbury’s home court at 5:00 pm. It was a hard-fought battle that was close the whole way through. The game was tied at the end of all 4 quarters to send both teams into overtime! In OT, the boys turned up the heat, bringing home the win, 47-39! Their second game against Canterbury was on Friday, February 17th, at 4:30 pm. Sadly, the boys fell short on their home court, 42-49, but it was another well-fought game!

In the middle of February, Monday the 13th, the Boys’ Varsity Hockey team hosted Canterbury at the Linen. This would be their second game against Canterbury, hoping to pull out another huge win to go 2 and 0. Their first game was on Canterbury’s home ice on January 13th at 7:00 pm. This was a big game for the boys as we had a huge fan section in Canterbury’s bleachers, that included many students and faculty cheering the team on. They ended up winning the game 6-2. (To read about this specific game some more, there’s another article that dives deeper into this that was written and published on January 20th). Back to the month of February! The boys were extremely excited to take on Canterbury at 4:30 pm. The game started pretty competitively until the boys put up some utter domination, scoring 8 goals and leaving Canterbury with only 2 goals at the end. The goal scorers included Paul Tollet ‘23 with 3 goals, Alex LoGuercio ‘24 with 2 goals, Mike Markowksi ‘23, Connor Ferguson ‘24, and Peter Unger ‘23, each with 1 goal. It was a great home game win and along with a Canterbury point!

Keeping up with the hockey train, the Girl’s Varsity Hockey team hosted Canterbury on home ice, Saturday, February 18th, not even a week after the boy’s varsity hockey team played Canterbury. This would also be the girl’s second game against Canterbury, after winning on Canterbury’s ice in overtime, 1-0, on Wednesday, January 18th. (To read more about the girl’s overtime win, there’s another article posted on January 22nd that highlights the game). Back in the month of February, the girls were hyped for another chance to play Canterbury and hopefully grab a Canterbury point. Throughout the whole game, it was extremely competitive, with both teams getting chances and shots. At the end of all 3 periods, the score was still tied 0-0. The game was going into overtime! In overtime, both teams had multiple chances but were unable to capitalize on any of them. The game ended in a 0-0 tie.  

The last win against Canterbury in the month of February was concluded by the Boy’s Varsity Basketball team. The game was played on home court in the upper gym at 5:00 pm on Monday, February 20th. There was a huge fan section and great energy coming from the team after falling short to Canterbury earlier in the month on February 10th. This game would be their second game against Canterbury and it stayed competitive throughout the 4 quarters. The boys ended up pulling ahead to win by 7 points, 78-71. A pretty high-scoring game! 

Overall, the month of February has been a great month in winter sports as well as games against Canterbury. As everyone’s winter season is coming to an end next week, it is great to look back at the month of February and be proud of what you did as a team and individual as well as how hard you worked. Keep up the great work, Highlanders! Looking forward to a great spring sports season!

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