An Update On Damar Hamlin

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By Bunny Borzilleri ’24

On Monday, January 2nd, tragedy struck the Bills Mafia. Just minutes into the first quarter, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was hit by receiver Tee Higgins during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals. After being struck, Hamlin stood up, stumbled, and then collapsed to the ground. The Bills staff responded quickly, rushing to his side and providing medical attention. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, medical staff administered cpr and oxygen. Later it was announced that Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after being hit.

Over a month afterwards, Hamlin has made an almost full recovery and has attended a Bills game in the stands.  This event has only increased the calls for reform regarding safety in football. For many, Hamlin’s injury was a wakeup call to just how dangerous the sport is. 

Damar Hamlin’s injury was incredibly unusual, occurring by a chance hit to the sternum during the 20 milliseconds when the heart is relaxed, causing his cardiac arrest. He needed to be resuscitated twice while on the field. He remained in the University of Cincinnati hospital for a week before being relocated to a Buffalo hospital. After undergoing another two days of rigorous testing, Hamlin was finally discharged and allowed to go home.

Since his discharge, Hamlin has attended a Bills playoff game, the Super Bowl, and the NFL Honors. Hamlin’s charity, called Chasing M, has also seen a tremendous increase in donations since his accident Chasing M strives to provide scholarships and opportunities for aspiring high school and college athletes in Pennsylvania. Hamlin continues to make a full recovery and is expected to play in the 2023-24 season.

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