Valentine’s Day Semi?!

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By Caroline March ’24

When: Saturday, February 18th, 2023 

Where: TPACC

What’s the theme? Valentine’s Day!! 

We all love fun get-togethers with our classmates and friends, and coming up, we have one of those fun events, a dance! The theme is Valentine’s Day, so wear your best hearts, sparkles, and red and pink! It’s Saturday, February 18th, in TPACC. It’s encouraged that girls ask guys, so get some confidence and get out there! There will be snacks, drinks, and even a DJ, so come out and have a blast. The prefects are in charge of decorations, and they don’t disappoint. I asked around and interviewed Sloane Walsh and Paige Jackson, I asked what they plan to wear, and Sloane says, “I am wearing a navy blue, short velvet dress,” and Paige said she is wearing abBlack short dress from House of CB, and she is feeling a little nervous because she has not bought shoes or asked her date, but she is feeling so excited, and based on her response I cannot wait to see what everyone else decides to show up in! Megan Sladish says she is “so excited. Beyond stoked.” The energy is building up as the days count down. Get excited, and get out there. February 18th. 2023. 

Photo credit FGS Radio

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