The 57th Super Bowl

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By Peter Murphy ’24

The 57th Super Bowl was nothing less than amazing this year. Everything about it, from its halftime show with Rihanna that had the boys and me shrieking with excitement and the spectacular game that the two contenders put up, was almost perfect. The two contenders of this year’s Super Bowl were the Kansas City Chiefs and The Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams coming into the Conference Championship round were already battle-hardened, as they both had great records. The Kansas City Chiefs would defeat The Cincinnati Bengals 23-20, while the Philadelphia Eagles overtake the San Francisco 49ers 31-7. After both teams celebrated their Conference Championships, they had the main prize to look towards. The Super Bowl is the biggest game of football in the country, and both teams would return to the big game only after a few years of not making it past the Conference finals. The Kansas City Chiefs would win the coin toss, which is only a sign of good luck, and let the Eagles kick off for the Chiefs to play offense first. One touchdown after another was occurring almost every play, and in the 4th quarter, the score was tied 35-35, and the Chiefs had the ball. The Chiefs ran an incomplete route, but the Eagles were called for holding. This would be an extremely controversial call that would later be cleared up on Twitter by James Bradberry, who would admit to holding JuJu Smith’s jersey. The Chiefs got to the 27-yard line and decided to take a field goal to decide who would win the game. The Chiefs would make this field goal with only eight seconds left to play, and that would wrap up the 57th Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl by a score of 38-35. Both teams played amazingly, and who knows what holds for next year’s Super Bowl.

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