Lebron James All Time Scoring Record

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By Peter Murphy ’24

It finally happened, everyone. Since his NBA debut in 2003, to now, Lebron James has officially passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the All-Time Scoring Record with as of right now 39,390 points. But before writing about Lebron being the king of scoring, we cannot forget about who Jabbar is and what he did that made him such a significant figure in basketball history. Kareem Abdul-Jabar started his career in 1969, playing with the Milwaukee Bucks until 1975, when he was acquired by the LA Lakers, and played there for the rest of his career until 1989. In those 20 years, Jabbar managed to score an astonishing 38,387 points. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the NBA Rookie Of The Year award and made the NBA all-rookie team at the end of his 1969-1970. Jabbar earned numerous awards, including being a six-time MVP, being a part of a six time NBA champion team, 4 time block leader, and so many more. Lebron James passing this scoring record is truly history and makes it harder to debate whether Lebron James or Micheal Jordan is the greatest of all time. Lebron James deserves this award more than anyone else in the league because of his hard work and still ongoing career. He has won four NBA championships with three different teams, which really does show how adaptable he is to new teammates. Lebron, also as of right now, has led his team to eight consecutive NBA playoffs and not to mention all of his awards; four MVP awards, and two olympic gold medals. Lebron is not done yet, as he is continuing to play for a not so good-looking Los Angeles Lakers as of right now. Now the main question is, who will someday take over Lebron’s Scoring Record, and will it be in the near future?

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