Snow, Please!

By Maisie Samuels ’23

When you’re looking for fun in the snow, where better to go than Connecticut? With an average of 36 inches of annual snowfall, New England can be trusted to provide us with white winters. Knowing this, it is no surprise that the students of FGS are disappointed with the lack of snow this winter. 

Because boarding schools aren’t too familiar with taking snow days off, we are blessed with the experience of watching those wispy white flakes fall whilst sitting in math class. Students from warmer climates look forward to the typical frozen-over campus, which is only more beautiful to those who rarely see snow. Sidney Mutau, a senior at FGS, stated, “Compared to last year, I’m shocked and disappointed at the absence of snow.” As she and so many others are in their last year at Gunn, it is disheartening to accept they won’t experience another snowy day on campus. 

Although we all took part in having fun in the snow on Mountain Day, visible from the window on the ride home was a sad and sudden change from white to green on the ground beneath us. Another student, Melanie Villegas, expressed that “campus life is so much more interesting when the snow comes around.” She continued to say she “would do anything to have a full week of snow!” With the obvious desire for snow on campus, all we can do is hope for an improvement before the end of the winter.

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