Snack Shack

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By Sloane Walsh ’25 and Megan Sladish ’25

As many students on campus have seen, the Snack Shack in the Linen is open for business! The Snack Shack has not been available in the rink since before the COVID lockdown in 2020, so it’s great to see clubs and teams working on running the Snack Shack for the community. The snack shack can be run by pretty much anyone on campus. So far, girls varsity basketball, model UN, members of Highlander Hockey, and a few clubs have been selling snacks to families and students that come to our games. Many of the proceeds go to selected charities.

The Snack Shack has a variety of chips, candies, and drinks. They even have Cup Noodles that can be made fresh just for you! The prices are very reasonable, and almost everything goes for about 2 dollars. The Snack Shack has had a remarkable comeback after three years of being closed, thanks to Anna Gleason, Ashleen Hay, and Mrs. Lyon. Anna Gleason ’23 manages the girl’s varsity hockey team, spending a lot of time in the rink, and has been helping set up different groups on campus in the Snack Shack. When asked about her experience with the Snack Shack, Anna states, “When my older sister played hockey at Gunn, I remember the snack shack being open; I would always ask my parents for money to buy M&M’s to snack on while watching her games. Mrs. Lyon introduced the idea of reopening the snack shack to me, and I was immediately on board. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for clubs to volunteer and raise money for good causes. It also creates a good atmosphere at the games and gets more people to come and support our teams.”

Kate Richards ’25, and a few other volunteers from the Highlander Hockey team worked in the Snack Shack on January 21st during the Girl’s Varsity Hockey game, which used the money raised to donate to CLF (Concussion Legacy Foundation). Kate talked about how she enjoyed raising money for a good cause and how fun it was to spend time selling snacks and drinks with her friends. During the game, the Snack Shack raised around 350 dollars for the foundation from the 2,000 total.

Thanks to faculty and students on campus, the Snack Shack is back and better than ever! It’s shown to be a great addition to the rink. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for students to volunteer and raise money for good causes. So next time you’re down in the Linen, stop by the Snack Shack and get a delicious hot chocolate or a bag of M&M’s. If you are interested in running it, reach out to Anna or the faculty on campus. 

Photo via Kate Richards ’25

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