BVH big win against Canterbury!

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By Megan Sladish ‘25

As usual, the Boys Varsity hockey team continues to show up, compete, and outwork their opponents, with their latest win coming against Trinity-Pawling on Monday, January 16th. Coming to the middle of the season, the boys have been chugging along continuously, with an overall record of 12-3-2. Their league record stands tall at 7-0-0, but that’s enough of the season recap. Let’s dig into the long awaited Canterbury game!

On Friday, January 13th, the Boys Varsity team traveled to Canterbury to compete head-to-head and bring back a Canterbury point. The team even took on a big role, arranging fan buses to come and cheer them on at the big game. They had help from many teachers and faculty to make this happen. Three fan buses showed up, holding 42 students. In addition, many other students who did not ride the buses got rides with teachers and faculty, while others even drove themselves. The energy created was amazing, and we carried ourselves well. As a community, we definitely shocked and outshone Canterbury with our fan section and outstanding support. 

The game started strong, with both teams scoring fairly early in the first period to make the score 1-1. Eventually, Gunn took over the entire game, outscoring Canterbury 6-2 by the end. Six different players scored the goals, including Wood, Smyth, Donohue, Goich, Calabria, and Pizzo. At the end of the day, it was a solid evening to be a Highlander, earning Gunn another Canterbury point. Let’s keep up the great work! 

Photo courtsey Gunn Hockey Instagram


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