Winterim: Interview with Students

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By Gloria Wang ’23

Q: Which winter courses did you choose? Why did you choose them? What things are you most looking forward to in this course?

Student A: My first choice is the Live like Sasquatch, which offers an off-campus trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. My second choice is the Culture of Reading, because I love to read books during my free time, and my two top favorite kinds of books are novels and memoirs. My third choice is The Great Escape Room because I’m interested in detective films, and I also went to many escape rooms in China, where they have a real interactive NPC. I just love solving puzzles and learning about cryptography, so I think this is a perfect choice for me.

I’m looking forward to taking a break from all the school classes and meeting new friends on this trip. Winter is my favorite season!!

 Student B: My first choice is The film in 2022. My second choice is The Beautiful Game. My third choice was The Crafty Highlander. Fortunately, I got into the film in 2022. So that’s really exciting. I chose film because I’ve always been interested in movie production and cinema in general. I chose The Beautiful Game as my second choice because I’ve always been fascinated by soccer. I haven’t played it since I was six, but it seems really interesting to me. I’d like to learn more about it and watch the World Cup with my friends, so I thought that’d be cool. I chose the Crafty Highlander as my third choice because I used to do arts and crafts for like two weeks. And that just seems like something fun and low-stress to do between the holidays. I am so looking forward to winter because I like the winter season in general, and I am actually going to do Highlander hockey. Recently, I’ve been learning how to ice skate and play hockey, which I didn’t know how to do. I was going to ski because this is something our school offers. So I want to give it a shot because I already know how to ski. And finally, I’m looking forward to the holiday market that is going on during the winter, and I think that’s going to be really cool!!!


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