Terrifying to Another Level

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By Hadley Nussbaum ’24

On October 6, Terrifier 2 was released in movie theaters in the U.S. This title is extremely fitting for the movie. There have been thousands of incidents of viewers fainting, vomiting, screaming, and crying in theaters. Terrifier 2 is a sequel to Terrifier, which was not nearly as disturbing. 

On November 12, a rainy and gloomy Saturday evening, Olivia Bond and I decided to see for ourselves how terrifying this movie really is. We decided to set the mood by turning off the lights and opening the window to hear the storm outside, which we soon learned was a horrible idea. About two minutes into the movie, Olivia and I were screaming in horror. I blinked for one second and next thing I know, there’s a clown on the screen murdering someone. This was a bad sign since we were barely ten minutes into the movie, and we had no idea how we would make it through. 

Horror movies are most definitely not my thing. But to write this article, I thought I should include my personal opinion on this movie, which is why I attempted to watch it. Although the effort was there, about 40 minutes in, Olivia and I had a mutual agreement to turn off the movie. We made it as far as we could without having  nightmares for the rest of our lives. This movie also proved to me I have a lot more fears than I was originally aware of going into it. Clowns, for example, are a big fear of mine now! 

            In the 40 horrifying minutes that Olivia and I watched of Terrifier 2, neither of us vomited, cried, or fainted. Look at us go! We did scream though… a lot.

So, if you’re looking for a thrill and to get your heart racing, definitely go watch the Terrifier 2. I don’t know how I would’ve stayed through a minute of the film watching it alone, so thank you to Olivia for helping me through Terrifier 2 so that I could  share my opinion with the one and only, Highlander News. 

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