Changes in Seasons and Activities

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By Hadley Nussbaum ’24

Winter is approaching, and fall is fading away. Which means soccer, field hockey, crew, cross country, and football season have all come to an end. Although us fall athletes are sad the sport seasons and great teams have come to an end, exciting things are happening in the Winter.

Last week in a school meeting, us students were told that there will be many new winter co curricular opportunities to participate in. Even though I am a returning student and I’m sticking to the girls basketball team, this is very exciting for other students. Basketball, hockey, and ski team are winter sports that have existed at the Frederick Gunn School for a long period of time. But things are switching up, and the co-curriculars are upping their games. 

There is now going to be a dance team offered as a winter sport. This is big news because in all of Gunnery and Frederick Gunn history, we have never had an official dance team. Audrey Richards hosts Friday night dance classes which is amazing, but now dancers that can only attend those on Fridays can dance everyday. 

There are also going to be new co-curriculars offered for students who are highly devoted to music. I am proud to be a part of a community that offers so many opportunities for students who might not be interested in or able to play a sport. These new changes that are approaching in the winter are nothing but great. Always a great day to be a highlander!

The first meeting for co-curriculars will fall on Monday, November 14th. Tryouts will also be taking place during finals week, so make sure you put yourself out there and earn your spot on the court/ice/slopes. For those playing field hockey, the fall season isn’t quite over yet, but they will be joining us in winter sports soon! Don’t forget to support them as they make their way through the playoffs. 

All in all, winter is a very exciting time to be a Highlander and a part of the FGS community. Everyone better be getting excited for hockey games in the linen and basketball games in the brand new gym. Good luck to everyone trying out, whether for a sport or an art!

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