Haunted House: A new Halloween Culture

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By Thomas Vo ’25

On October 30th, a spooky Halloween event was held at a cabin on top of a mountainous area near our school. A wide range of people participated, from the Freshman and Senior class who did an amazing job scaring their peers. At the end of the day, many people reportedly had a fun and scary time experiencing the first haunted house ever made and operated at the Frederick Gunn School. 

Ms. Brush and Mr. Fladager – the chiefs, supervisors, and the main reason why this Halloween extravaganza could happen in the first place, was all started when they both sent out an email by the beginning of October,asking for volunteers to decorate the abandoned infrastructure situated at Frisbie Road. The first meeting was soon held at Brinsmade with numerous individuals with the same interest in ultimately crafting a new tradition at FGS. In total, three more meetings were held discussing roles and responsibilities. 

A while after, on a beautiful but spooky afternoon of Oct 30th, the group gathered at Kempton for a shuttle bus to Frisbie Road. Immediately after getting there at around 3 PM, the whole group started decorating and they ran a jumpscare play multiple times to practice and get it right. The actors and other factors contributed to the triumph of the scary night.

The participants of many, unexpectedly included Mr. Becker, the head of school. He took part in a shuttle bus to the site where the haunted house was located with excitement. After experiencing a jumpscare, he was filled with fear and terror. The participants later joined the actors to play dead to scare the next bus. Nonetheless, the night ended as a success to everyone who put effort into making this event happen. 

The story of the haunted house is going to be widespread all over the campus for years to come. A new tradition during Halloween at FGS is going to be a student-run haunted house.

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