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By Maeren Hay ’23

What Are They Engineering In That Room Under Memorial?

Not many people actually know what goes on in the FGS Engineering classes. Before I became an Engineering student, I thought the class consisted of hammers and saws and maybe a robot whirring in the corner. In reality, the projects in these classes give students real-world experience and skills to work collaboratively and creatively. In Engineering, planning, designing, and executing are all important aspects, but what tops all of these is making mistakes and then overcoming them with your group. If you have always been interested in an engineering class but never got to sign up for it, I strongly urge you to try it out, even if you don’t aspire to be a biomechanical engineer.

Last year, with Mr. Bell, we made some fascinating projects like working trebuchets (a type of catapult) and model rockets. Now, the classes are taught by Mr. Hunt who has been a math and computer science teacher for 18 years. In Advanced Engineering we have begun a long project of building a hovercraft with both mechanical and electrical parts. The project requires thoughtful planning, as well as precise measurements and strategically placed parts. Some students have learned to solder wires together, while others use power tools to assemble the base of the hovercraft. The hovercrafts will function with a remote control that will only work if us engineers-in-training assemble the wires and circuit boards correctly. Engineering One has built a crawling robot, yes, a robot. The robots almost look like artificial spiders, the wires in the interior are overwhelming, but Engineering I students finished this project with ease! Now the class is working on app development, to control their robots from their phones. This class is much more than a woodshop; it’s an opportunity for FGS students to use their creativity with hands-on projects that cover the basics of engineering as well as applying current skills, such as app development. So, whether you are an aspiring engineer, or just looking for a class to hone your problem solving skills, these classes are perfect for you!

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