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By Thomas Vo ’25

If you live in Memorial house, Ms. Rimany is a name you are already familiar with. When she is on duty she’s sure to check that everybody gets supper, even making it herself to refill their energy. Sometimes she bakes the best brownies and the list could go on, without further ado, here is the life of an excellent English teacher…

“An amazing individual”- Ms. Rimany is the chief dorm parent, and Memorial house is more than delighted to have her guidance. This is her fifth year teaching at The Frederick Gunn School and she graduated from Gunn in 2014 as one of the prefects. Ms. Rimany was a day student, living in Kent, CT. She has two brothers. One is 28 years old, and the other is only six years old.  After graduating from Gunn, she went to Connecticut College and majored in English, Math, and Gender Studies. In her senior year of college, she had to make many tough decisions, and this was an emotional phase of her life. Surprisingly, Mrs. Croft suddenly informed her about a position to teach math, asking if she was mentally prepared for the job. Ms. Rimany utilized this chance, and soon applied for a position in the math department. Then it came to her that the English department also had available spaces and in the end, she switched to work in the English department. Ultimately, after college, she came back to Gunn, a dear home.

“A secret business” – Ms. Rimany struggled with making the right decisions; she did not figure out whether she was taking the right path until two years after she started her candle business. She began in February of 2021 during the peak crisis of COVID-19. Her business has since exceeded her expectations. She has already sold around 4,000 candles, proving her entrepreneurship success.. Every successful business needs to have an official website and Ms. Rimany is no exception. She has a website to sell candles called “theenglishteacherco.com”. She herself is functioning a business directly at Memorial dormitory where she has her candle studio. Despite being proud to see her crafts being widespread in numerous shops throughout New England, she still finds it hard to balance business, teaching and grad school. Yet, she preserves, hoping to pay off her student loans. Ms. Rimany’s ambition and achievements are very inspiring to the student body and our community as a whole. 

“An adorable sidekick” – Every great hero has a great sidekick like Batman and Robin, or Iron Man and Spider-man. Ms. Rimany has Bailey. She is a cute girl who is about to turn ten in February. She used to be the family’s dog but she committed a “chicken crime”  (meaning she killed a chicken) so Ms. Rimany’s mom sent Bailey to live with her daughter full time. She is an active dog full of energy. Bailey inspects each room of the dorm every Monday with Ms. Rimany. She participates in field hockey with Ms. Rimany every day, and she does frisbee in Spring. People who live in Memorial rarely get a chance to pet her though because it has only been a month since she met all of them and she is occasionally shy. They are all looking forward to seeing the bond bloom among us over time.

“A message to Gunn society”

“Everybody has something to struggle with everyday”, said Ms. Rimany. With great sense of sympathy, she knows better than anyone that someone at a certain point will encounter hardships and burden. Thus, she is preserving a nice community in and outside of Memorial dorm house. Furthermore, one of the reasons why she came back to Gunn was because of the community that assisted her a lot in her life. “Make the most of it because the time passes by quickly and you won’t even realize”. Gunn is a perfect example of an excellent campus that all should take advantage of. Don’t waste any more of the time and value of this opportunity to meet up and work with many people.

“Personal insight”

As in Vietnam, we call the school the second house and the teachers as the second parents. For me, Ms. Rimany has been more than a parent for what she has done. I appreciate the chance to socialize with people and the courage she gave when I was at my lowest. We will keep moving forward being a force of the Frederick Gunn School.

That’s the inside scoop of Ms. Rimany. GO GUNN.

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