Behind the Scenes, Play for the Cure!

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By Caroline Marich ’24

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! GFH is planning quite the evening this coming Saturday, 10/29! Our very own 9-12th graders are facing off to see who will come home with the victory. Do you know what I’m talking about? The electrifying, the intense, the thrilling, Play for the Cure! To prepare for this event, students stayed up until the early hours of the morning, making bracelets, brownies, and cookies for their peers to buy to donate money for the cure. JUST KIDDING, but there were a few events that took place in order to prepare for the event, like a collaboration with the leader’s baking club to sell baked goods and bracelet-making in TPACC. All funds made by the bake sale and from selling the bracelets are going to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. 

People from the field hockey team worked alongside two members of the baking club, Mairin Hoffman and Erin Whitney. Mairin says that “being in the kitchen with a few other students was a really fun time, especially with Mrs. Theobald’s help. We all bonded and it created excitement for Play for the Cure.” The baking club/field hockey collab made batches upon batches of brownies, brookies, and cookies! It was great to have an event where students got to use the resources around them to produce lots of goods for their fellow students to enjoy.

As well as the bake sale, there was student-run bracelet making in the TPACC flex room. Fifty students showed up and showed off their bracelet-making skills. Paige Jackson, a student who stopped by said that “everyone seemed to be having a really good time. The room was completely full of Bracelets and Taylor Swift’s music and every station was being used. From beads to intricate string bracelets everyone seemed to be having a great time. It was great to see how many students were willing to help out and support Play for the Cure.”  

Photo courtsey The Frederick Gunn School Instagram

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