On and Off the Field with Mr.Marich

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By Hadley Nussbaum ’24

Mr. Marich is a coach, parent, advisor, administrator, dorm parent, and director of athletics. Sounds like a lot, right? How does he manage to balance it all? Let’s chat with Mr. Marich, the man that does it all.

Surprisingly, Marich says it feels normal to have all these jobs. 10 years into working at the Frederick Gunn School, he is used to the working conditions of a boarding school. He knew coming into the job that he would have many responsibilities, and he has normalized it. Although it gets stressful at times, Marich says that his support system  is what helps him the most. 

“You’ll only be as good as your support network,” Marich explained. Ms. White, Ms. Moulton, and Mrs. Marich are his team members. This allows him to have some down time which is much needed due to the weight of all of his responsibilities. He uses this down time to try to see one of his kid’s games, because he is also a parent here at FGS. Caroline and Will Marich are both students on campus, and year round athletes. He spends all his free time parenting, which is another job! It’s a lot harder than it seems, but Mr. Marich loves to make it all look easy. 

Marich is the head coach of the boys varsity lacrosse team at FGS. That is a major job by itself, but a lot more goes into it than what you would think. He supports the boys in the winter season of course, but out of season he still looks out for and helps the boys. Marich says there are other sports besides lacrosse he helps them with that are equally important, such as “developing them as men of character.” So not only is Marich a coach, but he is a mentor for these boys. Another thing that comes along with this job is recruiting students from all around the world.  “I feel like I’m part of admissions sometimes.” He also works in college counseling with Ms. Abelson and Mrs. McMann to help the college process with the students on his team. Sometimes he can even be found jumping in on field hockey practice and trying to compete with his fhockey-star daughter, Caroline.

As mentioned before, Marich is a parent to two. But, he is another parent to the students on floor 3 of Bourne at night. Being a dorm parent is another job for Marich. Where his free time comes from is a mystery that might never be solved. 

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