Browne House: Life Above the Dining Hall

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By Megan Sladish ’25

Across The Frederick Gunn School, there are ten dorm houses including everyone from 9th to 12th grade. The boys’ houses this year include Gunn, Brinsmade, Memorial, Bourne, and Teddy. For the girls’ houses, there are Van Sinderen, Gibson, Emerson, Graham, and last but not least, the best house, Browne. Browne house is above the dining hall and is made up of six dorms and ten boarding students. Being the smallest dorm house on campus, the group inside has gotten to know each other very well while having fun and still being productive. Browne is a place unlike any other.

In Browne, there are four dorm parents: Ms. Brush, Ms. Petrillo, Ms. Hedden, and Mr. Trundy. Thus far it has been a great year with the best dorm parents. Whenever anyone needs anything, they are always there. After having completed all our homework, the common room is a great place for us to connect with them, ask questions, and ultimately have fun and enjoy the rest of the night. Being in Browne has its perks. Being above the dining hall, there is only a short walk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You walk maybe 20 steps outside which is amazing in the winter when it’s freezing and snowing. 

Most nights, we have dorm parties where everyone can gather in a room and talk about everything that is happening and going on. We listen to music, make cookies, dance, and connect as a group. As Marley states, “the general vibe of everyone is amazing.” There is never a dull moment in Browne and you must be ready for anything at any time. The latest fun we have had in Browne house is figuring out halloween decorations and costumes. Sophia Nower has shown her halloween costume as an inflatable t-rex. Personally, I can’t wait to be handing out candy with a t-rex on Halloween night!

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