Gunn Society: Mr. Fisher and the Phone-a-thon 

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By Caroline Marich ’24

Throughout the past few years, after the all-school walk, there has been a fun tradition and event run by the Alumni & Development office and Gunn Society called the Phone-A-Thon. The phone-a-thon is an annual event dedicated to raising money for the 1850 fund, creating relationships with Alumni, and hearing about their past experiences here at school. 

I interviewed Mr. Fisher from the Alumni Development office and heard his perspective on his job and the Phone-a-thon. I asked him to describe  the Phone-a-thon and he said “The Phone-a-thon is an opportunity for students to connect and reconnect with alumni after the all school walk to discuss shared experiences with alumni and ask for renewed support of the annual fund.”

My second question for Mr. Fisher was: why is it important to keep in touch with alumni? He had an interesting response to this, sharing why his favorite part of his job is being an alum himself and how it’s fun to have an opportunity to share changes that have happened and share experiences since he graduated. During my interview, the final question I asked was what is Mr. Fisher’s favorite part about the Phone-a-thon. Mr. Fisher said he loves watching students that are new to fundraising and the event itself get out of their comfort zone by calling alumni and speaking over the phone. 

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