A Thirds Soccer Victory

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By Peter Murphy ’24

The day Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 will go down to live in infamy, as it will mark the first win of the 2022-2023, Frederick Gunn School, Boys thirds soccer team win. Now to some of you readers, you might think that this is just some regular win. But you would be so very wrong. The shots in this game that were made were absolutely mind boggling. In the very beginning of the first half, Ty Novenstein 24’ took a power shot from the left side of the field that sunk into the net. Avon Old Farms returned with an uninteresting goal on a hit and run four minutes later. 

The tensions were already high, but nothing can describe the moment the ball was kicked at the start of the second half. At this point the score was tied and both teams wanted the win very bad. As shoulders were thrown and a number of chirps were being said, one of our players received a red card, which made us have to play with one less player. This however, turned out to be the best thing the referee could have done. A goal was scored right off the bat by none other than Ace Watson 26’ with a boot to the right of the net. Our bench went bananas to see such a talented freshmen have that much grit and determination. 

Not much longer, Will Rahn 25’ scored a beautiful goal on a runaway, to really put into perspective who was winning the game that day. But against all of the odds, Ty Novenstien 24’ shot a ball that will forever live in infamy, as he kicked the ball a couple of feet away from the half field line. In most cases, a ball kicked like this would be heavily looked down upon by coaches and some viewers. As the ball soared through the air, the ball somehow magically found its way over the goalie, into the back of the net. The team went electric as this was one of the best 3rds soccer goals to ever been scored. Against all odds, Ty Novenstien managed to give The Highlander a lead that sealed our magnificent victory.

Both teams did an amazing job playing the ball and really made it an interesting game. Soccer is an amazing sport and is the most fun when you’re playing with other people at a similar skill level to you. Now with our skill level in mind, every year the Frederick Gunn Schools soccer team always has the most energy and most supporters when it comes to home games. We at the newspaper asked Varsity soccer player, Jason Fritz what he thinks of the thirds team this year and past, “They know how to bring the energy, that’s for sure. The games are extremely entertaining and bring humor on and off the pitch”.  Thirds soccer isn’t just low level soccer, but it is a lifestyle for anyone that participates in it.

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