Problems with the World Cup Host

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By Matis Molina Ricard ’24

The new host for the 2022 World Cup is the smallest nation to ever host the event and is causing much uncertainty as to whether they will be able to actually pull it off.

Qatar, the host country, is creating lots of reasons for fans to be worried about how the World Cup will be carried out, like how they will keep everything organized, and make sure everyone stays safe during the competition.

For instance, Qatar has yet to reveal specific plans about the type of experience fans can anticipate during their visits, including what they will need to enter the country, where they will stay once they arrive, and how the police will handle violations of Qatari laws regarding public behavior. This is all despite having a three month period before the tournament begins. The accommodations have also been a source of concern, with both delays in the public release of rooms and complaints from fans about a lack of availability on the website only accessible to ticket holders, who are expected to be the only foreigners permitted entry into Qatar for the month-long World Cup.

Ronan Evain, the executive director of Football Supporters Europe, talked to Germany’s fan group who said  “I don’t think they realize how problematic their accommodation situation is”. With some people who find it easier and cheaper to fly in and out of Qatar for matches from places like Dubai, it’s evident that there are many issues involved in staying in Qatar during the tournament that must be dealt with before it begins on Monday, November 21, 2022.

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