Gilmore Girls: How Accurate is it?

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By Sloane Walsh ’25

“I went into all the stores, the cat one twice. Then I walked around a little and then I was done.” Richard Gilmore’s view on Stars Hollow is basically the same as every person living in Washington, Connecticut. Many people know the town of Washington as the inspiration for popular tv show Gilmore Girls. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls, used Washington as the blueprint for the fictional town of Stars Hollow. Stars Hollow seems to be a perfect depiction of a New England town. Still, there seem to be some things missing regarding the similarities between Washington and Stars Hollow. 

Lots of stores and shops in Washington are similar to those of Stars Hollow (minus the difference in names), like the Hickory Stick Bookstore, the Hardware Store, Washington Market, and Town Hall. Sadly, Washington is missing the infamous gazebo. Viewers say that Stars Hollow is based on other towns in Connecticut, like New Milford and Kent. Yet, we can’t let the home of the Canterbury Saints take the gazebo. 

Luke’s Diner also doesn’t exist in the depot, a sad loss for the people of Washington. We have Marty’s, but knowing how much Lorelai and Rory loved the coffee from Luke’s, there is no way Marty’s could compete. But I’m also pretty sure that Luke’s diner wouldn’t have avocado toast or a yogurt parfait;Marty’s is clearly more progressive and unique.

Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t make her fictional town a replica of Washington, but there are still parts of our town that feel like Stars Hollow. So on your next trip to the depot, make sure to find some similarities between Stars Hollow and our hometown. Of course, it isn’t a perfect replica of Stars Hollow, but it has everything you need. For example, Washington Market is missing the iconic Taylor Doose, but they make up for it with their incredible coffee cake (ask Mairin Hoffman ‘25 if you want a second opinion).

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