Ultimate Frisbee Students vs Faculty

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By Hadley Nussbaum ’24

On Monday, May 24, FGS had a huge ultimate frisbee game for students vs faculty.  It was at 6:00 pm on the practice football field and had a huge audience.  The ultimate frisbee team won 15-5 against the faculty after a long and hard game.

The results of this game were not shocking to many people at FGS due to the fact that our ultimate frisbee team won the state championship last weekend.  The FGS faculty had major competition but went into the game anyways, props to them.  Both teams proved their athletic abilities on the field and it was very entertaining to watch some of my own teachers playing on the field.  The best part of the game was that no one in the crowd was cheering for a certain team.  If the faculty won, everyone was yelling and cheering, and same for the students.  

Not only was the ultimate frisbee game a fun way to end a Monday, but it brought the school together in the last week of school.  The FGS student vs faculty ultimate frisbee game will be a tradition for years to come.  Maybe next year the faculty will win!

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