New Student Memories of The Year

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By Mairin Hoffman ’25

As my freshman year comes to a close, I asked new students (freshmen or sophomores) to reflect on their first 8 months here at FGS. Whether the memories were funny, good, sad, or embarrassing, I wanted to write an article featuring them because I believe it is important to have all kinds of memories even if they are good or bad, as you grow from them. So I asked the class of 2024 and 2025 what some of their favorite moments have been here so far. 

First, Kate Richards ’25 recalls a fun night with her friends during winter term. Kate says, “During winter term there was one night where the snow was frozen over. It was a bit slippery but you could walk on top without falling through. My friends (Poppy Kellogg ‘25 and Mia Merrill ‘25) and I had been messing around near Graham and had thought we should try to slide down the hill behind both the Graham and Bourne Buildings and it was like we were surfing mid winter. We could slide right down the hill and all of us, let me tell you, had the worst balance possible. We all had the best night sliding down the icy hills yet it was an ordinary night at school, and our laughter was so loud other dorms had heard from their rooms (Emerson). It was one of my favorite memories of freshman year.” Fun nights like these are really a highlight at a school like ours, because it brings you closer to your peers and creates memories you will never forget.

Next, Hadley Nussbaum ‘24 talks about her Winterium trip to DC and how memorable and special it was. Hadley says, “My favorite part of this year was going to DC for Winterim. I became close with so many people I had never talked to before, and now they are some of my best friends. Being in DC alone, without my parents, showed me how it feels to travel independently, especially when we were allowed to go to monuments, malls, etc, with no teacher or guardian around. The city of DC is truly amazing and the historic things around us were incredible to see, including the Washington Monument. I made so many memories during the week-long trip, and learned so much.” Our school offers so many fun trips and if you take advantage of them, your life can change for the better and that is exactly what happened to Hadley.

Peter Murphy ‘24 reflects over his almost unbeatable 3rds soccer season in the fall. “My favorite part about this school year at The Frederick Gunn school was undoubtedly the thirds soccer season. This was my favorite part of the year because it gave me an excellent start and gave me opportunities to make so many new friends. Our thirds team only had one loss and we were considered one of the best thirds soccer teams in the NEPSAC. Without the third soccer season, I wouldn’t have been able to make as many new friends and I improved my soccer skill while doing so.” 

Lastly, I just wanted to include one of my favorite freshman memories. Joining newspaper in the winter term really was a highlight of my freshman year, as I discovered a new passion of mine and I felt comfortable in the classroom because of my fellow classmates and teachers, Mr. McMann and Mr. Speliotis. It was during a hard time in my life and everyone in the newspaper was warm towards me and I instantly felt like I belonged there. As we end school after exams and say goodbye to seniors, let’s enter our sophomore year with the same positive attitudes and maybe even hope for a better year. I am sad to see our very own Maram Sharif and Clara Prander go, as they were huge parts of the Highlander Newspaper and made the classroom a fun and positive place. I will miss you guys so much. Thank you everyone for your support of the Highlander and have an amazing summer! 

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