Frederick Gunn takes on Prom

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By Cael Dolph ’23

On May 15th, the Frederick Gunn School held their Prom. It was on Sunday, a beautiful day, and the sun was beaming. The school began with taking pictures and offering refreshments. For a while, many people took photos with families and friends. Many gathered around TPACC for this great event before the Juniors and Seniors were whisked off to the venue by their chariots. 

The party arrived at the New Milford Bank, where mocktails and appetizers were happening and pictures were still being taken. As time went by, and the sun began to set, everyone went into the grand hall for dinner and to dance. The people began by sitting at tables with their respected dates and their friends, to which they then sat and talked for a couple of minutes before being told by the server that they were the next table up to go get food. The choices were endless for dinner as there were meatballs, chicken, pasta, salad, and even a vegan option: ratatouille. People sat and ate this delicious food and soon after everyone was done eating the dance floor had opened up and people were dancing right away. Some people decided to go to the town and get some frozen yogurt and others headed to the cupcake truck that was standing right outside of the venue with many options. Some of the options that they had were the birthday cake, the classic chocolate, and even red velvet. 

The dance floor started and people began dancing like crazy. Songs that were ranging  from the 2010s all the way to the brand new hits, had everyone jumping up and down. DJ Chase took over and ran the show with songs from Shakira to Drake, where everyone was shouting the lyrics at the top of their lungs. A personal favorite song was Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus and Pepas which is an international hit. If you’re not dancing to songs like these, check your pulse. Dancing went on for hours and kids were having a blast with their fellow classmates. After time went by, kids calmed down and Frederick Gunn got back to campus where more activities were going on. 

 We had a Casino Night with poker, black jack, roulette, and other fun games that are at a typical casino. One of the big hits was with Mr. Brown, who was running the roulette table. He had people coming over and guessing on either odd or even numbers, red or black, and even certain numbers that people thought were going to be hit. They announced the grand prize winners for some pretty hefty gift cards before everyone went back to their dorms. Everyone was happy to sleep in the next day before a big brunch. People enjoyed the day off and the school hosted a big carnival.

Photo Curtesy by FGS Smug Mug Galleries

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