An Intro to Five FGS’s Clubs

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By Aiden Lindley ’22 & Hadley Nussbaum ’24

Clubs at the Frederick Gunn School are an exciting way for students to try new things and talk with others who share the same interests. Currently on campus there are more than 15 clubs ranging from French Club to Car & Mechanics Club. Clubs usually meet once or twice per week, anywhere from 6:30 – 7:45pm Tuesday – Friday.  Students at FGS are encouraged to branch out and start their own clubs, with the help of one supporting faculty member. 

Let’s take a look at some exciting clubs!

Gunn Society is a bridge between the current students and the alumni. They work closely with the alumni office to help organize all-school events like the All School Walk, Alumni Career Day, and I Heart Fred Challenge.  Grace Noh ‘22 said her main goal for Gunn Society is “to form a strong network between students and alumni so that both students and alumni can experience a greater sense of community.”  Grace joined Gunn Society to meet new people and connect with graduates of the school.  She finds it interesting to see the diverse group of alumni who work in different fields even though everyone went to the same small school.

Math club is a club run by Jay Lee ‘23 that helps all math students with homework or studying.  Andrew Sawyer and Rick Park are the co-leaders of the math club.  Their club provides math skills to students in every grade.  Any questions or help a student needs in math will be answered in the math club.  In math club, they make and provide practice problems for all different types of math.  Jay Lee said his club goal is” to make every student that attends math club to have confidence in math and feel comfortable when they face a math problem.”  He was inspired to create this club because last year many students would ask during his lunch time or during study hall for math help.  When he was helping them and they started receiving good grades, it made him feel great.  

Green Club is a club where students discuss how they can make the environment and our campus a better place. Green club offers a place where everyone can brainstorm ideas of ways to better the community on an environmental level and is led by Julliette Dutton ‘23. Julliette says sometimes Green Club plans dress down days and most recently an eco-friendly bird feeder craft. She says their goals are to “impact the community in ways that have a lasting impact after we graduate.” Juliette recommends Green Club for highlanders who have a passion for the environment and want to make a lasting impact on campus long after graduation.

Crossroads is an on-campus worship group where students gather during the week in hopes to create a peaceful and respectful place for community members to come together and study the bible. This club is led by Will Marich ‘23 and he says his highlight of the year was all the new faces that Crossroads saw this year. He hopes to continue to see even more of them next year!

BALU (Black and Latino Union) is a club run by Alex Warren ‘22 that offers a safe place for people of color to become more in touch with racial identity.  BALU also provides a place of learning and expressing feelings.  Alex Warren said “the goal for BALU is to have students feel comfortable with their race in a place that is predominantly white,  promote comfort with being vulnerable and having hard conversations because that is how you grow and learn.”  Alex did not create BALU, but she has been attending since her freshman year. Since many students have left the school and seniors graduated, now Alex is the leader.  She has always been interested in learning about her race and how others like her fit into society, and BALU is the perfect club for that.  

Photo Curtesy to Yoyo Zhang ’23

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