Mairin’s Top 5 Picks at the PO

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By Mairin Hoffman ’25

The Po is a beloved place here at The Frederick Gunn School. If you’re not feeling the dining hall food, students walk up to The Po to enjoy some fresh farm-to-table food. After visiting the Po multiple times over the school year, I have decided to list some of my 5 favorite food items at the Po. Sweet or savory, The Po knows how it goes. This list is not in any particular order!!


The Po-Tacos are my go-to because they are always available and are simply delicious. They are breakfast tacos, with scrambled eggs and chorizo on a grilled corn tortilla, with cheese and tater tots on the inside. I always crave these tacos with their abundance of flavors. The tater tots add texture and flavor and make it mouth-watering. Something to be careful about though is they can be super hot, so make sure to not burn the roof of your mouth.

Photo Curtesy to The PO

The Grilled Egg Sandwiches 

The Grilled Egg Sandwiches are the perfect thing to get on a Saturday morning on a restful weekend. They have plenty of options, including bacon, sausage, and ham. I always go for bacon, and it is nice and crispy. The white bread is perfectly toasted and buttery. I always include Po-Tots in the sandwich, because they just make everything better. 

Photo Curtesy to @mairineats on insta

Apple Tarts

One of my favorite pastries/sweets I have tried at The Po is the Apple Tart. These tarts are perfectly sweet and buttery. The apple filling is consistent and the pie dough is soft and flaky. You also get a wonderful taste of cinnamon, sugar, and various spices. I have eaten two in one day once and have had zero regrets. 

Photo Curtesy to The PO

Roxberry Smoothie

Sometimes you are craving healthy meals with fruit. This is the perfect drink to satisfy your craving. Being at boarding school can be hard, as you may not get in your fruit and veggies. This is a great healthy drink but it also tastes like candy. On hot days, this would be a great refreshing drink because of the orange juice base they use and the fruits. 

Photo Curtesy to The PO

The Green Toast

The Green Toast is basically avocado toast but way more refreshing. It’s on delicious toasted bread with sprouts on top. When you need something fresh and you are feeling a lack of energy, the Green Toast is the perfect choice because it compliments all your savory cravings, and you get your vegetables in! 

Photo Curtesy to @mairineats on insta

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