Seven Ways to Break the Routine

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By Maram Sharif ’22

Photo Curtesy to Quentin Sheers ’22

If you’re not careful, life as a boarder on a small campus might become monotonous and repetitive. It may be difficult to break out from the never-ending cycle of attending the same six classes, seeing the same people, and listening to the same jokes on a daily basis. Here are seven strategies to shake up your routine and feel revitalized.  

Check Out the Weekend Activities

While staying in your room could be very tempting (and at times, even necessary), checking out a weekend activity is never a bad idea. Weekend events include everything from on-campus puppy play dates and volleyball tournaments to off-campus movie trips and fast food runs. Trips to Danbury Mall, where I do some damage to my bank account, drink some boba, and see new faces, are one of my personal favorites. 

Attend Firepit Fridays

Smores, open mic, and karaoke? There isn’t a finer way to end the week than this. Scream your heart out with a group of friends, releasing any bad energy that has accumulated as a result of incomplete homework, low grades, or burdensome projects.

Try Out a Dance Class

Whether it’s Audrey Richards’ Friday night hip-hop lessons or Mrs. Bell’s Transnational Fusion Dance workshops during Monday’s art block, dancing your stress away is a terrific opportunity to try something new and break the routine. What are the chances? You might find a new interest!

Wake Up Early to Do Track

Mr. Drew and Mrs. Fisher drive anyone interested in track to Shepaug High School on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Even if your stamina is lacking, like mine, there is nothing more energizing than working up a sweat first thing in the morning.

Catch the Sunset 

The best part about our town, Washington, is its picturesque scenery. Take advantage of our beautiful green spaces like the Turf or the Quad to enjoy the beautiful sunset with friends or alone, as a way to reflect and meditate.

Sit at Lunch with Someone New

As soon as orientation week ends, most of us fall guilty of sticking with the same group of friends for the rest of the year. While this may feel comfortable, the only way to grow is through engaging with different people from distinct backgrounds. If you are looking to break the routine, talking to new people is a phenomenal way to start. Don’t be scared to reach out; that individual would most likely be delighted to get to know you as well.

Keep an Eye Out for Upcoming Events

On our campus, we are fortunate to have students with a diverse range of interests and passions. There is always something entertaining going on on campus, whether it be fashion design club meetings, spontaneous man hunts, or people demonstrating their talents with various instruments. Don’t miss out the Chamber Concert at TPACC this Friday evening, which will feature various solo performances! You will not only be treated to live music, but you will also be supporting these gifted students.

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