The Brand New and Improved Lego Star Wars Game

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By Peter Murphy ’24

A new addition to the Lego Star Wars video game franchise has been recently released to the world! With new thrilling game mechanics and being twice as big as its counterparts, Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, is taking the world by storm to all ages. This new game includes every Star Wars movie to ever be released, in which you can play as your favorite player in epic lightsaber battles, or fly the famous Millennium Falcon with your friends! This amazing game was created by Travelers Tales, a very notable company that worked on my childhood favorite “Star Wars, The Complete Saga”.

  The game has amazing graphics and includes every single Star Wars movie that follows the Skywalker story, which will include movies like Rogue One and The Mandalorian in DLC’s (game add ons). Each and every movie from Star Wars will have its own story mode and you can either start off the story mode with the first installment of the Star Wars series, “A New Hope ” or start in chronological order with “The Phantom Menace ”. I would personally prefer to start off the game in chronological order, considering it makes the story mode more realistic and I get to see all my favorite characters slowly age and fight with the new generations of Jedi. 

The reviews for this game recently have been off the charts with all signs pointing to success. Different game rating websites have consistently given Lego Star Wars; The Skywalker Saga good ratings, like IGN, which is the best game rating website, giving the game an 8/10 online. 

Now with all masterpieces, there is always some criticism waiting to come. First off, this newest installment of Lego Star Wars does not include the famous Character Creation, where you can make your own lego character in the game. This was personally my favorite part about the last few installments of Lego Star Wars, because it brought such a creative aspect to the game that drew me in when I was younger. This game has truly brought back many memories and I cannot wait to play it when I get back home!

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