Fashion at Grammy’s 2022

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By Clara Prander ’22

Last week was the annual Grammy Award Show and this was the 94th time it was held. Not only did it offer a lot of good performances and award winners, but also a lot of fashion. These award shows are an opportunity for designers to showcase their work on different celebrities and also for the celebrities to showcase their own personal style. Therefore there are always a lot of pretty dresses, suits, and outfits.  I will highlight some of my favorites as well as some that didn’t quite meet the hype. 

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Starting off, we have St. Vincent with her pink dress. This might be one of my favorite dresses.  The dress was extravagant and was made by the designer Gucci. I think that it suited her very well and was perfectly classy. I liked the pink ruffles on the end of the dress and the sleeves since it made it pop and added an extra touch. It is definitely Grammy worthy  in my opinion. 

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Here we have SZA with her tulle nude dress from Jean Paul Gaultier. It is a vintage piece from 2006 with a rim of flowers in the front. I think that it was charming. I liked that her dress was classy but also had some flair. The train added that extra dimension needed at these types of galas. It was definitely Grammy worthy. 

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Although Justin Bieber’s outfit wasn’t boring, I was expecting something more from him. Apart from it being oversized it was just a simple, oversized gray suit. I think that he could have done something a little different. The suit looks far too big, and makes him look like he’s a kid trying on his dad’s suit. The pink hat added a fun little touch but it was not enough. He will have to step up his game. 

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Allisson Russel in Delcore was spot on. Her dress was tridimensional with pink and red butterflies.  They were a nice touch on a dress that otherwise would have been less interesting.  Her mesh gloves also added a sense of class and sophistication. I think that it was a nice grammy’s dress that definitely was something interesting.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were a couple that didn’t really nail it with their clothes. They have an amazing opportunity of doing something fun or extra but instead chooses to show up in underwhelming fashion choices. Kourtney was wearing a boring black jumpsuit with some weird proportions. On top of it all, her body disappears in the black background. Travis’s choice of pink gave a little bit of pop with color, but it just wasn’t enough. Underneath is a regular black suit. Even with the large overcoat, it doesn’t cover the catastrophic fashion under. Come back next year and do it better!

To summarize the whole gala in terms of fashion, I think that it was a success. There were some celebrities that did not bring their A-game while others really brought their best. Among these, there are a lot more that could have been mentioned but instead i think you should search them up by yourselves. I can’t wait until next year to see what level the fashion will be at! 

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