Spring Back to Life

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By Hadley Nussbaum ’24

I never realized how much the weather affects my mood until this year.  This is my first year at boarding school and I have come to realize that I do not like the cold.  I never expected to want to stay in my dorm all day on a weekend just because of how cold it was outside.  Seasonal depression is real, especially in the winter.  

The thing is, I love winter.  Hot chocolate, skiing, sledding, the holidays, and more are some of the best times of the year.  Unfortunately there is no winter in Connecticut without it being under 20 degrees everyday.  Who wants to go out in that? 

It is this lack of activity that sparks seasonal depression, and it seems as if we all go through it.  It is scientifically proven that depression tends to be worse during winter months.  According to Dr. K.Luan Phan an Ohio State professor, it is because there is less sunlight and fewer opportunities to go outside and be active.

 Since spring started last week,  and although there haven’t been any warm days yet, I’ve heard students and faculty talk about it. Now, that is all I’m looking forward to.  At a recent school meeting, several announcements started with, “Spring is the best term at The Frederick Gunn School.”  Faculty and students in the crowd seemed to agree and the energy in the room intensified after they said that.  People were clapping, agreeing, and smiling.  Everyone is ready to spring back into life and say goodbye to the seasonal depression.

It’s crazy to think that happiness can depend on the weather, but it’s true. Everyone on campus is eager to be back in the warmth and enjoy outdoor activities.  I’ve noticed that the people around me and myself are always happier when it’s nice out.  

Spring is the time for everyone on campus to get out of their dorms and live their life to the fullest at Frederick Gunn.  Sports are outdoors, kids are out on the turf at night, the sun is setting later.  Spring is here and I have never been happier.

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